Validas 2.0

The Validas 2.0 suite is a real-time, analytics-as-a-service platform. It is composed of several unique components which enable mobile operators and retailers to revolutionize their sales, retention and customer engagement processes. Each component's functionality is exposed through a robust API for integration to external systems and processes and to expose its capabilities through powerful user experiences.

Framework approach enables rapid, enterprise grade, multi-platform UX design and delivery

API: REST APIs faciliate large scale transaction volume and easy access to back-end capabilities

OFFER ENGINE: Powers personalized offers and responsive campaign delivery

RECOMMENDATION ENGINES: Enable rate plan “right sizing” & multi-carrier rate plan comparisons based on usage data inputs

EXTRACTION ENGINES: Patented technology extracts and models data from uploaded bills for analysis

CORE ENGINE: Provides stable, scalable, real-time foundation

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We create powerful apps, personalized customer engagement and custom analytics.


We create solutions for acquiring, retaining, and activating mobile subscribers.

Leverage Validas’ technology to personalize “right sized” offers based on how prospects use their mobile services. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) visibility through their mobile sales processes. Drive self-serve customer acquistion, activation and upgrade experiences end-to-end.


We help mobile operators retain customers & improve their experiences.

One of the largest mobile operators in the US engaged Validas to help retain and re-engage more than 200 of its Fortune 500 customers through personalized plan analysis and recommendations on a large scale. Validas found more than $39 million in annual savings across this operator’s 20 largest accounts, in turn driving customer retention and customer satisfaction while attracting thousands of new users away from competing operators.


Our engines and databases are accessible via API, delivering custom analytics to power anything from acquisition and retention campaigns to market intelligence.

Today Validas drives a nationwide customer acquisition campaign for a Tier 1 US mobile operator which has increased the market’s competitive pace and intensity. Validas’ patented bill analysis technology enables highly personalized, aggressive acquisition offers with a high rate of success measured in conversions and increasing gross-adds.


We deliver powerful mobile apps, web apps, and responsive PC & mobile-friendly web interfaces.

From campaign landing pages to custom-skinned mobile apps, we complement our core technology with engaging front-ends that fully modernize your customer experience and take your customer engagement to the next level.

Want a sample? Download and try MyPeeps™ for Android


Our mobile cost optimization solution helps large enterprises and government organizations to establish cost controls that save millions on their growing mobile spend.

The State of California achieved over $500,000 per month of savings in its first year working with Validas by restructuring its mobile plans. Validas’ technology analyzed the State’s massive mobile bill to optimize spending and services down to the individual line level.

Customer Acquisition UX

About Validas

Validas makes mobile pricing, billing, buying, and selling easier. We are a software-as-a-service company focused on mobile subscriber acquisition, activation and retention as well as mobile cost control for large enterprise and government. We focus on superior, on-demand technology; ease of use; and rapid solution delivery.


Tier 1 Mobile. Big Box Retail. Fortune 500. State Government. Validas has delivered strong, quantifiable results for them all.


Validas customers trust us with information, money and technology. We make security, privacy, and reliability top priorities.


Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary experts in mobile, IT, design, project management, and solution delivery.


Being innovative means creating new and simple ways to solve big problems. We focus on simplifying mobile for everyone.


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